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"Music was there from the beginning."

I grew up in a home where singing together was the normal routine. My mom would play the family Hammond organ, while my sister and I would gather round adding harmonies. In the early 60's, I began to accompany them on an Arthur Godfrey-style ukulele and it wasn't long before all five of our clan would be singing along. One night, we all sat down together and watched four young guys from Liverpool on the Ed Sullivan Show. My life changed forever after that night!

I saved $12.00 to buy a used Stella guitar from a friend. I wrote my first song later that same day. So much of my story is typical of the period. I had a high school rock band. While my friends were going to football games and pizza places, I was playing college frat parties and beer joints. I continued to play through college into the early 70's with a parade of like-minded rockers. We started doing regional touring for a number of national booking agencies. I finally hooked up with a vocal show band that booked locally. I wrote original tunes for all of these groups.

I left performing for a while. It was a very unhappy time, not having the lights in my eyes, but I never quit writing songs. It was always about the songs. By the early 80's, I began to build my own recording studio. This is a process that continues today. Over the years, I've been blessed to appear on both regional and national stages. I've done radio and TV on numerous occasions. I wrote music jingles for a local ad agency for a few years. I wrote a rock musical. I've been very blessed indeed, but my greatest blessing is to be able to do my own music. After 29 years with a large Midwestern soap company, who shall remain nameless, I left to focus totally on performing original material in 2001.

I have been bringing my unique brand of original music to Southwest Ohio for over forty years now. I sing the stories of Real People; tales of faith and hope, of passion and madness, of opportunities wasted and victories won. It is a folk music flavored with bluegrass, rock, and country ingredients, then seasoned with the clear, Celtic sounds of my family heritage. The sound is pure American.

I carry my own PA system and thus have a completely self-contained package available for clients. I am a BMI-affiliated songwriter and own New Little Tree Music Publishing, also BMI-affiliated. I am a member of OAPN, (Ohio Arts Presenter's Network) and am listed in their 2011 directory. I am currently performing in support of my eighth album "DOORWAYS". Promotional CD's and publicity photos are available upon request.


Gregory B. Albright
7346 Red Coat Dr.
Hamilton, OH 45011
Telephone: 513-863-6922
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