Listed below is my entire recorded history. It is an interesting collection; nearly seven hours of all original material, spanning the genres of folk, American Celtic, rock, and electronic symphony music. The songs are snapshots of my Life Journey. The booklets are meant to be self-revelatory, giving the listener a glimpse of the story behind the story.


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Released June 2010
With this new release, I complete the full circle of my musical experience; a return to the all-acoustic music where I began so long ago; wood and steel. These are heart-felt stories of Real Americans.

1. Bird Brains 2. Mt. Zion Road
3. The Foolish Knight 4. Thank You for Leaving Me
5. Organ Donor 6. Bob, Stinky, Saul, & Andy
7. Winter Suite 8. Phillip & Lucy
9. I Want to Fly 10. Just Like That
11. Uncle Charlie 12. There He Sat
13. They

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March 2008
I turned 58 one month before the release of this CD. That definitely qualifies as being ‘between summer and winter.’ Recorded in Pro Tools 7.1 and mastered in Nashville, these 18 new songs are my clearest view of Real America.

  • This Is Your Life (2:15)
  • Hearts On Fire (4:20)
  • I Believe (4:00)
  • A Most Unpleasant Fellow (3:17)
  • Kiss’n Daddy’s Face (4:16)
  • Old Bill Knox (5:34)
  • John & Vern (3:50)
  • Battlefield (3:59)
  • Dance With Me (2:28)
  • Big Jim Black (3:20)
  • A Qt. of Irish Whiskey (2:25)
  • ‘Ol Blue (4:30)
  • Silver Plate (2:49)
  • B & O (3:17)
  • Jenny Gal (2:40)
  • Rev. Skeeter Grace (2:37)
  • Jeffery & Joe (4:11)
  • Cozy Café (3:40)

Recorded 2003. BUY IT for $12.95

  1. A Mason's Melody Eventually, every songwriter gets around to writing about his father. This is mine: for my dad.
  2. Stay With Me, Helene A Scotch-Irish seaman and his wife on the evening before his next sailing. With every career choice, there comes a life consequence, even for a 'whalin'-man'.
  3. Deacon Jones' Funeral A not-so-hidden wound dominates his life. Based on a true story.
  4. He Wouldn't Let Me Save Him The song suggests that there were two armies present on Calvary; the Romans soldiers and the army of Heaven. Read Matt.23:53.
  5. Cardoness This was the first castle I visited on a trip to Scotland. It is the ancestral home of the McCulochs. That's it on the front cover. As the Scots built castles for defense, we today continue that practice in our hearts.
  6. The Clearances This recounts the removal of the Highlanders from Scotland during the 18th and 19th centuries. This tragic event is almost unknown in America. Still today, the Highlands are sparsely populated.
  7. Jack McKenzie A common working man and his not-so-common problems.
  8. Sean Michael Francis McFarland This illustrates the worst kind of un-forgiveness; sadly based on a true story.
  9. Two Paths A revealing way to view the choices I make, in contrast to Frost's 'A Road Not Taken'.
  10. The Sailor and the Seamstress A tale of passion and madness as told over a pint of Guiness.
Special thanks to these friends and family for contributing to this project:
Kim Newcomer - vocals, Darin Newcomer - tin whistle, trombone, Brad Goldman - tuba, Kitty McIntyre - fiddle
Nancy Albright - my wife, my friend, and financier, Lenora Albright- my mom.
Recorded at Albright Music, Hamilton, Ohio, QCA Inc. Cincinnati, Ohio- layout and duplication.
All songs written and performed by Gregory B. Albright, (c) 2003 New Little Tree Music Publishing, (BMI)

New for 2007 – This CD is a compilation of original music created by singer-songwriters from southwest Ohio and produced by Tasty Orange Music. It’s 11 songs and 6 different artists. Good music from some good folks. Included are two new tunes from me. Purchase this for $15.95, shipping is included..

Seventeen Years in the Making
As the title says, this is a summary album of songs I wrote over a 17-year period (1966-83). It was originally recorded on 4-track reel-to-reel, then was transferred to a double CD in 2003. There are two unique things about this album. First, before every tune, I actually introduce it and comment on what is to follow. Second, I definitely used the CD booklet as personal therapy. The album contains some pretty cheesy drum sounds and other lo-fi techniques, but it's raw and real! Running time = 78min.

    DISC #1
  • Hometown, High-Watt Hero
  • Feed the Fire
  • A Mason's Melody
  • Composition for 4 Guitars: Urgency
  • Magic Fingers
  • Black Dog
  • Aardvarks in the Springtime
  • Probably Wouldn't Know Me
  • The Passing
    DISC #2
  • Peace Would Be Neat
  • Morocco
  • Composition for 4 Guitars II: Eleanor's Un-blues
  • Stay With Me, Helene
  • Ukranian Tears
  • Can It Be
  • The Esel

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From Lum's to LUM's
The title refers to the changes in my life as I moved from Lums (a restaurant where I used to play, which featured hot dogs steamed in beer) to LUMs (Lindenwald United Methodist, my home church. This is an album of multiple, simultaneous transitions for me. The technology is getting better. It covers the years 1983-84. Running time = 53:41.
Feel No Pain
Take My Advice
Once Upon a Lifetime
The Ballad of Marcum Poindexter
The Two of Us
A Civil War Song
Denny's Music
Take Me Home (Crys in the Heather)
I'd Like to Write a Song
Who Is This Man?
He Wouldn't Let Me Save Him, (Victory Version)
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Albright 3
My musical vocabulary stretches, as does my life. This covers the years 1987-88. Running time = 54:46

When the Dreams Come Back
By the Grace of God
Glory, Glory
Chapter 3: The Prophet Comes
Where Is the Glory?
He Wouldn't Let Me Save Him
Nach und Nach (Little By Little)
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Basement Music
I begin to expand the emotional space that I work in. This was recorded in 1989-1990. Running time = 41:39

Basement Music
The Locksmith
Ode to Eric
Victor I / Victor II
After Mid-Life
After All Was Said and Done
Stepping Into the Light
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Strats & Gold Tops
A friend reminded me that I was a guitar player and this album was the result. It was recorded in 1993. Two of the songs actually received an airplay on 97X - FM radio. This was the last of my recording for 10 years until STORYTELLER.. Running time = 45:23.

Old Songs
Never Had a Chance
Nothing to Say, (It's Time to Play)
A Chapin Afternoon
The Power and the Loneliness
Disposable Music
Goodbye Iraq
Strat Cat
The Harbor
The Dance Has Begun
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